Anti Blue Light Reading Glasses Men Business Rimless Presbyopic Eye Glasses

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  • Model Number: 38119/3811009
  • Lens Width: 5.4cm
  • Lens Height: 3.5cm
  • Coating: HMC
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Material: CR-39
  • Lenses Color: Transparent
  • Gender: WOMEN,MEN,Unisex
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: MIRROR
  • Certification: NONE
  • Item Type: Eyewear
  • Eyewear Type: Reading Glasses
  • Glasses style: rectangle
  • Frame style: rimless
  • Product features: Anti-Blue Light
  • Visible light transmittance: 99.9%
  • Applicable population: elderly
  • Degree:  100 150 200 250 300 350 400

Reviews (42)

42 reviews for Anti Blue Light Reading Glasses Men Business Rimless Presbyopic Eye Glasses

  1. У***ч

    For understanding-glasses are completely plastic, including lenses. For that kind of money-great. Let’s see how long they will last.

  2. К***ч

    For this money great product! Came on time without delay. Thank you very much to the seller. I recommend it to everyone!

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    Image #4 from К***ч
  3. П***ч

    Great glasses for the price. Lightweight, comfortable, but I would like more glass in height. These are narrow.

    Image #1 from П***ч
  4. М***а

    Plastic frame, clean glass. Everything corresponds to the declared. For the price is great

    Image #1 from М***а
  5. Г***ч

    The item is normal, you can wear it. Let’s see how much is enough.

    Image #1 from Г***ч
    Image #2 from Г***ч
    Image #3 from Г***ч
  6. С***ч

    It looks great, but as if I wear it later.

    Image #1 from С***ч
    Image #2 from С***ч
  7. P***-

    Ordered light, sent dark, however…
    Nevertheless, for its price, the ashka will be normal.
    It’s cool to stare at them at the phone, darkened glass is like light filters.
    Still, in my opinion, there is a slight blur of the image, it is clear, for 0,85 $ who will supply you good glass?
    In general, I would recommend these glasses as spare, additional, for use as basic is unlikely…

    Image #1 from P***-
  8. А***ч

    Unexpectedly high optical quality for such a price. Very light.
    I’ll take a few more in reserve.

    Image #1 from А***ч
  9. К***ч

    The glasses are great. Took a pair by 185, with free shipping. At a price just over 90 rubles. Just an uncontested offer. I’m not taking it for the first time. Excellent price/quality ratio.

    Image #1 from К***ч
  10. В***ч

    Thank you, everything is fine, the glasses are good for the price

    Image #1 from В***ч
  11. И***ч

    Packed in a Simple Pimple, it’s amazing that we arrived in one piece. for reading for that kind of money, a fire

    Image #1 from И***ч
    Image #2 from И***ч
    Image #3 from И***ч
  12. А***ч

    The product fully meets the requirements of the seller I recommend for cooperation

    Image #1 from А***ч
    Image #2 from А***ч
    Image #3 from А***ч
  13. С***ч

    The glasses are great, I have no questions asked. Delivery to Astrakhan for about two weeks by the company send. now I am writing a review in them. Seller 5, You can take. The package is really delicate, the glasses came in, thanks to the delivery person.

    Image #1 from С***ч
    Image #2 from С***ч
    Image #3 from С***ч
  14. С***ч

    Seemingly weak design. But for this money norms. Let’s see how to use?

    Image #1 from С***ч
    Image #2 from С***ч
  15. И***ч

    Flimsy, came in a pimp. Fortunately whole. you can read in them.

    Image #1 from И***ч
  16. А***в

    The glasses are as described, for this amount is excellent.

    Image #1 from А***в
    Image #2 from А***в
  17. U***r

    The parcel was sent quickly, the glasses arrived in the combination package, the track was tracked until delivery. Glasses are as described, the dioptra match, the lenses have an anti-reflective coating, they are well packed, the lenses are clean. Shop recommend. The seller is decent and responsible.

    Image #1 from U***r
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    Image #4 from U***r
    Image #5 from U***r
  18. А***ч

    Good, high quality and very cheap.
    Took a bunch in reserve

    Image #1 from А***ч
    Image #2 from А***ч
  19. М***а

    The glasses are of very good quality, for that kind of money.

    Image #1 from М***а
    Image #2 from М***а
  20. А***ч

    Good quality optics. Took a bunch of these glasses to be everywhere. Great price.

    Image #1 from А***ч
    Image #2 from А***ч
  21. L***o

    Very beautiful and its frame very well done just to read

    Image #1 from L***o
  22. А***-

    The order took exactly one month, packed in a simple pupyrka, ordered 1,5 and 2 diopters, everything corresponds to the description, the lenses are plastic not glass, I took for 78.08 rubles. apiece, they are worth their money, they will sit at the Komp, we will see if they will get tired. Thanks to the seller.

    Image #1 from А***-
    Image #2 from А***-
  23. С***ч

    Excellent glasses, I took it for myself first, I am writing a review in them now, now for my wife. Seller 5, You can take.

    Image #1 from С***ч
    Image #2 from С***ч
    Image #3 from С***ч
  24. К***а

    I came whole glasses, I didn’t buy it for myself, then I will add a review. It looks normal. Came quickly. Thank you

    Image #1 from К***а
  25. M***n

    Zest plastic, if you can see in them, what can you wigless for this? for such a penny is normal

    Image #1 from M***n
  26. N***o

  27. S***r

    Thank you all fit

  28. К***ч

    It’s as described. The quality is excellent. I’m satisfied! Thank you seller!!!

    Image #1 from К***ч
    Image #2 from К***ч
  29. М***

    The glasses are good, it is not the first time to buy, I recommend the product and seller

    Image #1 from М***
  30. Т***а

    I just love it! The glasses are wonderful! I don’t feel them on my face at all. I see great! Worried about delivery, but the packaging is very reliable. Everything came whole. Thank you very much!!!

    Image #1 from Т***а
    Image #2 from Т***а
  31. F***a

    The bridge of the nose was sawed in two units and for some it was barely opened and then not completely, it always causes discomfort, it is very uncomfortable to wear this!!!!! Ochkalupam is not sweet anyway, and then there are also inconvenient defects. No scratches. I’ll give it to my beloved, let him do something about it. He already has redness from the arches above his ears, and here this (((((. Let down sometimes (((

    Image #1 from F***a
    Image #2 from F***a
    Image #3 from F***a
    Image #4 from F***a
  32. С***ч

    The glasses are normal, the size is more suitable for the child, the adult is a little small

    Image #1 from С***ч
    Image #2 from С***ч
  33. Z***z

    The item was passed. All good. I recommend the product from that seller.

    Image #1 from Z***z
  34. J***o

    Never arrived

  35. К***а

    Fast delivery, two weeks. I take the second ones. Everything is great.

    Image #1 from К***а
    Image #2 from К***а
    Image #3 from К***а
  36. П***ч

    The track is tracked, it got ahead of schedule, when you get an SMS-come and get it. Sit comfortably, ordered without diopters.

    Image #1 from П***ч
    Image #2 from П***ч
  37. Б***ч

    The product came well-packed glasses like whole-it would be just simple!!!

    Image #1 from Б***ч
    Image #2 from Б***ч
    Image #3 from Б***ч
    Image #4 from Б***ч
  38. R***k

    I ordered two pairs of 2.50 and 3.00 glasses and one 2.50 arrived. Money is not big but still…

    Image #1 from R***k
    Image #2 from R***k
  39. Б***а

    The glasses are beautiful, light, the truth of a different color came. I recommend the seller, the delivery is fast, paid a small compensation immediately after opening the dispute.

    Image #1 from Б***а
  40. Г***ч

    Were delivered surprisingly whole, although they came in an ordinary package. The glasses are as described.

    Image #1 from Г***ч
  41. Y***a

    Very good I recommend them I see perfectly with them good quality

    Image #1 from Y***a
  42. А***

    I like it very much, I order the second one, it looks simple, and most importantly it is durable, I carry the first one in my bag, and these houses will be, I recommend

    Image #1 from А***

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