Classic Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses Luxury Brand Designer Frame Sunglasses

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  • Lenses Material: Plastic
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Gender: MEN
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400
  • Style: punk
  • Item Type: Eyewear
  • Eyewear Type: Sunglasses
  • Certification: NONE
Reviews (38)

38 reviews for Classic Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses Luxury Brand Designer Frame Sunglasses

  1. E***s

    They are made of plastic, they look cute but so you have to be careful why they look fragile

    Image #1 from E***s
    Image #2 from E***s
  2. K***o

    Fragile more good cost benefit

    Image #1 from K***o
  3. X***r

  4. D***r


  5. D***r


  6. A***o

    Beautiful but it took a while to arrive

    Image #1 from A***o
  7. G***s

    Are nice

    Image #1 from G***s
  8. D***s

    Good in the price it offers

    Image #1 from D***s
    Image #2 from D***s
  9. D***r

    item is the same as been ordered, thanks

    Image #1 from D***r
  10. H***z

    Product according to what they offer.

    Image #1 from H***z
  11. W***s

    They are cool, they look fragile but I love them

    Image #1 from W***s
  12. C***e

    It had to make wider for those of us who have the big head

    Image #1 from C***e
    Image #2 from C***e
  13. F***r

    Excellent, not loose ears are not huge and not tiny, everything is rightThank you. the only base is transparent I thought it was just white

    Image #1 from F***r
  14. L***s

    I liked the product despite the value, it is light but I believe it lasts a lot

    Image #1 from L***s
    Image #2 from L***s
  15. U***r

    They arrived very quickly and poorly protected, the plastic is very simple and is not of quality, the design is very beautiful and original. I recommend them just be careful when handling them as they seem to break fast.

    Image #1 from U***r
    Image #2 from U***r
  16. L***A


    Image #1 from L***A
    Image #2 from L***A
  17. F***r

    I’m blind

    Image #1 from F***r
    Image #2 from F***r
  18. A***o

    Very cute. The structure is made of pure plastic, they are very light and do not look bad for their price.✨

  19. E***a

    Bad glass, but for costume or some photo is okay

  20. K***s

    if you like the look of these, go for it! 100% recommend, they’re cheaply made but for less than 2 dollars that’s to be expected, and they’re super cool! you can’t beat the price and if they break they’re cheap enough to just buy another pair or 2, in fact I’m probably gonna go ahead and order another color or two myself! the springs on the side look cool but don’t actually do anything, they’re just decorative (I added a pic so you can see what I mean, they still look awesome though!)

    the corset and striped sweater in the pics are also from aliexpress and I totally recommend those too! I’ll check the name of them and add it if I get a chance/if anyone is interested, but as for the sunglasses go ahead and grab you a pair! you’ll look super cool and get a ton of compliments

    Image #1 from K***s
    Image #2 from K***s
    Image #3 from K***s
    Image #4 from K***s
    Image #5 from K***s
  21. S***o

    Just as described. Made of cheap plastic, they are extremely light and perfect for props and cosplay

    Image #1 from S***o
    Image #2 from S***o
    Image #3 from S***o
    Image #4 from S***o
    Image #5 from S***o
  22. R***z

    Reminds me a bit of allucard lenses, the material is plastic

    Image #1 from R***z
    Image #2 from R***z
  23. R***z

    Material is plastic, except springs, look good

    Image #1 from R***z
    Image #2 from R***z
  24. O***r

    Good product for the price I liked this little facherite

    Image #1 from O***r
  25. B***e


    Image #1 from B***e
  26. A***r

    Looks good. I arrived quite fast although the material seems not to last longBut it’s good purchase

    Image #1 from A***r
  27. D***t

    Unprotected sending for full plastic glasses. It’s worth its price, that’s to say nothing. Not solar in addition.

  28. G***r

    Egg Temple
    Shvidko ruled

    Image #1 from G***r
  29. M***a

    Nice design. It’s good for costume or party. It’s made from thin plastic. I’d assume it won’t last long. It’s unusable in bright sun and actually hazardous in use.

  30. A***r

    It’s just an accessory for style. Very thin and weak, scary to break.

  31. C***h

  32. Z***n

    Fun glasses for price. Red tint is strong so it distorts your vision slightly. for example can’t see green lights while driving.

    these are great for decorative or fun

    Image #1 from Z***n
  33. A***s

    Very fast delivery

  34. S***r

    Worthy for its price. But my glasses are somehow crooked. Design good still won’t wear

  35. V***o

    All plastic glasses

    Image #1 from V***o
  36. G***u

    Practical, light, fragile, cute and classic, fits the face well, little or medium sun protection in the blue/white tone

    Image #1 from G***u
    Image #2 from G***u
    Image #3 from G***u
    Image #4 from G***u
    Image #5 from G***u
  37. A***

    i guess its ok. the everything is plastic even the “glass”

  38. B***l


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